Pulling Towers - Heavy duty straightening systems

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A complete range from  5  to  50  tons

Product features :    
  • Hardly any preparation necessary,the pull chain remains inside the tower
  • Rapid set up, Immediate anchoring on anchor pots in floor or existing floor anchor systems
  • Progressive investment, at the beginning equip yourself with a few necessary anchor pots for the vehicle and the tower.Later on, and when you need them, add more anchor pots. 
  • Mobile tower, clear surface, ease of movement and set up due to the wheels. Easy storage after straightening, area left free and without obstacles
  • H igh  pulls, by using extension set.              
  • Permanent  pulls,  automatic locking of the chain and maintenance of tension while the ram piston,at the end of its stroke, is retracting for resuming the pull
  • HD71A 7.5 and 15 tons, and pully block developing 30 tons
Zugturm HD 71A

1 HD700 Tower with 20t ram

2 P730 Hydro-air pump with flexable (3m) + guage

3 3x Z219  20 ton chain

4 HD703 Anchor pulley

5 HD704 Anchor pulley with pull yoke 30 ton

6 HD99Security cable

7 2x HD332  20 ton double hook

8 2x HD8307 20 ton short

  • HD85  5 , 10  and 15 ton
  • HD90  12.5 , 25  and 50 ton
Blackhawk Zugtürme in der Praxis  


HD85 Power Post in use 

Blackhawk Zugtürme in der Praxis  


Endless variety of pull angles

Blackhawk Zugtürme in der Praxis  


Capable of small to heavy work





Blackhawk Zugtürme in der Praxis  


 By precise boring of the floor the housing of anchor pots of different lengths and diameters are obtained

Blackhawk Zugtürme in der Praxis  


Anchor pot installed below floor surface so that when supplied cover is fitted, the floor is left flat


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