HD Multitrack - Lifting and straightening bay

HD Multirack

Blackhawk - Heberichtanlage HD Multirack
HDM21 Blackhawk Blackhawk
Blackhawk Blackhawk
Complete set, on-floor version with ramps, lift and pulling arm Mangusta IV
Product description:   Technical specifications:
  • For lifting, anchoring and straightening
  • Can be used with electronic or mechanical measuring systems
  • Fast vehicle set-up with the hydraulic lift
  • Comfortable working height
  • On-floor version with ramps, or in-floor version 
  • For small and important damages, pulling force 10 t
  • Pulls and pushes can be performed all around the vehicle
  • For wheel base from 2120 mm to 4020 mm
  • Specially designed for straightening LGVs and 4WD vehicles
  • Can be used as lifting system for other kind of repairs
  • Lifting height 1240 mm
  • Space requirements approx. 5,5 m x 8,5 m
Length 4700 mm
Width 2000  mm
Height min  268  mm
 Height max  1008  mm
Weight  2630 kg
Lifting capacity  3,5  t
HDM213: Mangusta IV    
Length 1670 mm
Width 760 mm
Weight 300 kg
Pulling force 10 t
Other compositions:
  • HDM22 System with additional pulling arm 
  • HDM21WO Simplified system with 1 pulling arm, without accessories 
  • HDM21SR Same as HDM21 set, in-floor version
Blackhawk SHF1A mit HDM214    
SHF1A mit HDM214
Universal brackets + support
  HDM203 + HDM204
Lifting beam
Reinforcement for anchoring support


Support bar and manual winch for installation
Additional hydraulic unit
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