Minipost - Rapid repair technology


            MINIPOST    Lifting height 1200 mm

MPT50 Blackhawk Blackhawk
Blackhawk Blackhawk

Complete set: 
 (all parts shown in lower picture)

Product description:   Technical specifications:
  • Lifting, anchoring and straightening of vehicles
  • Fast vehicle setup with the hydraulic lift
  • Comfortable working height 
  • Maximum lifting height: 1200 mm
  • For small,quick jobs 5T pull capacity 
  • Straightening all around the vehicle
  • Can be used as lifting device for other repair jobs
  • Double pivoting of pulling arm for precise pulls
  • Minimum space required
  • Robust clamps and easy lifting pads
  • Quick instalation of pulling system
  • Attractively priced
Width without pulling arm 842 mm
Length 2800 mm
Height 115 mm
Electric pump 380 V
Total weight 1300 kg
Max. lifting height of table 1200 mm
Lifting capacity 2500 kg
Time of ascent / descent 26 s
The Minipost in practice
Blackhawk Heberichtanlage Post Lift in der Praxis  

Blackhawk PostLift

Lift the vehicle
Bring it down on the wheel supports
Set up the anchoring devices. 

Blackhawk Postlift Lieferumfang PL 10  

Blackhawk PostLift

MPT50 composition

  1. Table lift
  2. Lifting and clamping arms x4
  3. Electro hydraulic pumping unit (3 or single phase)
  4. Quality air/hydraulic pump and ram
  5. 2.7m double hook chain 5t
  6. Wheel stands x4
  7. Double hook 5t
  8. Full dual pivot pulling arm
  9. Safty cable
  10. Air wrench 
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