1929First hydraulic ram Porto Power®
1949First Dozer® to be built, there is only one Dozer® – it is Blackhawk®. Revolutionized straightening techniques. 
1968First straightening system Korek®. Patented using the vector principle.
1974Mitek® system also using the vector principle.
1978P-188 Universal Measuring System. Revolutionizing measuring techniques and marking the end of a monopoly: the old type measuring system with fixtures. 
1979Introduction of Blackometry®, the science for bodyshops, bringing programs and techniques for our customers’ use. 
1984First European School for Blackometry® opened in Strasbourg combined with a European Engineering Department. 
1986Merged with the Hein-Werner group, leader of the American market for lifting and repair systems of cars and trucks. Blackhawk®, N°1 in accident repair equipment worldwide thus ensuring the R&D benefits for both. 
1989Introduction of the Korek® 4000 straightening center.
1990Launch of the new UMD 50 bench and the revolutionary straightening arm the Mangusta® II.
1992First launch of BlackoSpace®. A fully ergonomic and functional environment for the work station and bodyshop. Its efficiency, cleanliness, esthetic dramatically change working conditions and results. 
1993Shark®: universal electronic ultrasonic measuring system – probably the most revolutionary technological advance made by Blackhawk®.
1995Launch of the Multirack®, a lifting and straightening bay with a double frame and double pull and/or push system. Without doubt, the most efficient tool of this category. 
1998Merger of the Hein-Werner group, which Blackhawk® belongs to, with one of the leading equipment manufacturers worldwide, Snap-on
1999Launch of the Europost 2 and other quick repair equipment.
2005Launch of the Postlift, new quick repair concept. 
2008 Launch of the Minpost, 5 ton version of the Postlift
        Release of Dozer Quadri Clamp
2009 Release of Power Plates
        New XVARI Air Hydraulic Pump
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