INVERSPOTTER 13500 Smart: intelligent spot welding with Smart Autoset technology


  • Smart Autoset technology
  • Spot welding on High Strength Steels
  • High currents (12.000 A) with low consumption
  • Usable with mains with 16 A fuses
  • New 400 daN “C” clamp with Power Clamp technology
  • Automatic recognition of both arm and inserted tool
  • Wide operational range (5 m long cables)

The advanced SMART AUTOSET technology eliminates set-up times and increases productivity: the operator can work on various vehicle parts and on different materials such as steel, High Strength Steels, galvanized plate, boron, etc., without adjusting, forgetting the reference tables supplied by the vehicle manufacturers, and avoiding preliminary spot welding tests.

The clamp with Power Clamp technology gives higher spot welding currents with contained absorption and lighter, longer cables (up to 5 metres long), which guarantee a large working range. In addition to the “fully automatic” mode, there are also semi-automatic spot welding and manual adjustment programs: all the intervention phases on the vehicle can be managed from a user-friendly digital microprocessor panel, where the generated programs and reports can also be saved on a USB flash drive for subsequent elaboration or printing.